Approved for Idaho Department of Environmental Quality's Brownfields Remediation Assistance Program

On December 1, 2015, the Hayden Urban Renewal Agency received news from Steve Gill with the Coeur d'Alene office of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) that the Agency's application for Brownfield Remediation Assistance for the properties located at Hayden Avenue and North Government Way was approved.  Historically, these properties have housed both a car wash and a fueling station, each of which are potential sources of contamination.  In the coming six weeks, preparatory Pre-Phase II site assessment activities will take place. This generally involves setup activities to meet federal requirements under the National Historic Preservation Act as well as correspondence with the Idaho State Historical Preservation Office, the Coeur d’Alene Tribe Cultural Preservation Office and IDFG for any potential ESA aspects. IDEQ will also be tasking one of their consultants to design the scope of work and quality assurances for collection and analysis of air, water, and/or soil samples, and signing the task order.  Following that, the Phase 2 assessment work will likely begin onsite in February, followed by the completion of the Phase 2 report in April.  Onsite remediation activities will follow that--just in time for spring construction season.  The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency thanks IDEQ for bringing this program to their attention and for their support of our Agency objective to remediate blight in the downtown core.  You can read more about this project by clicking here: 

 City of Hayden

Urban Design and Economic Opportunity Plan

The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency, in partnership with the City of Hayden, has hired an urban design firm, Winter and Company, to create a plan to aid in the redevelopment of the City of Hayden’s Central Business District.  To begin early implementation of this project, the City recently redrafted the downtown design standards from rigorous requirements into design objectives, allowing flexibility and creativity in how they are achieved, and thereby opening the downtown with more immediacy to development opportunities.    The Urban Renewal Agency is now working on the next phase of this project, the Urban Design and Economic Opportunity Plan, which is focused on the following:

  • A design framework for the City of Hayden’s Central Business District, establishing various sub-areas in the downtown core.  These subareas are proposed to be created to recognize that some portions of the downtown may vary from each other in terms of design standards as well as the uses that will likely be attracted.  This design framework will also identify investment areas where public or private developers may be interested in furthering the sub-area concepts.  Bicycle and pedestrian amenities and connectivity will be a focus as will street frontage and landscaping amenities.  Gateways and out of district connectivity, such as that from Honeysuckle Road to the City’s beachfront property on Hayden Lake will also be emphasized as will the use of public space on City and Urban Renewal Agency owned properties.

  • A survey of various peer communities in the United States who have experience economic success in revitalizing their community.   This survey provides information from each community on livability, placemaking, jobs, housing, and policy features which have contributed to this.

  • An economic analysis focused on Hayden specific population and housing changes for various age demographics, Kootenai County migration trends and aggregate income, and national millennial and retirement location preferences, along with national suburban office trends.


The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency and City of Hayden hosted a Public Open House on Tuesday, June 2nd at 5:30 p.m. -7:00 p.m. at Hayden City Hall to receive feedback and community input.  At this meeting, Winter and Company presented preliminary design concepts, peer communities case studies, the economics white paper and the design framework map.   A plan concepts are in review by the Hayden City Council and Hayden Urban Renewal Agency Board.